once my ethernet cable arrives tomorrow I can cam again but until then I'm BORED I wanna WORK

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my terrible brain forces me to wake up at 7am every single day and it sucks bc its not even 10am and I'm done with chores. what do now.

ordered a ethernet cable & will be able to cam next week!!!

he texted me pics of his face? excuse me sir I've never seen you before how was that supposed to help

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I'm such a mess on SA lmao some man texted me and I have no idea who it is I was like hello who are you?? its a great way to hurt a man's ego though  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I seriously doubt he's gonna text back

laptop still not working 🥲 will hopefully be fixed tomorrow???

is being a monsterfucker still cool bc I just finished Castlevania and just started Blood of Zeus and I'm just 🥵🥵🥵

once my roommate is off work I'm gonna go cry for their help w my laptop bc if I try to do anything more myself I WILL have a meltdown

I'm trying to set up my brand new hand me down laptop and it won't download chrome 😭 pls let me cam

I get so irrationally angry when someone lists their location as seattle and we try to set up a date and they're like "im in Olympia but I go to Seattle sometimes" like bitch thats 50miles from seattle and you KNOW I don't drive.

ISO sugar daddy who will let me give away all his money.

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SPECIFICALLY with outcall, not any other situation. its given me a new appreciation & respect for trans women who don't medically transition who do this. I need to find out how to support trans SWers in seattle that doesn't involve money bc I have none.

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I'm afab but was on testosterone for 4yrs so I have facial hair and a deep voice, love the voice don't love the facial hair. Only downside is I'm afraid of being hate-crimed for being visibly trans :')

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