Question for advertisers:
While in the past I've never had a problem booking through P411, personal websites, or Twitter (many OKs and references) I can't seem to get a response from anyone in the listings here.

Is there additional etiquette here I might not be aware of? Especially when contacting providers who don't have their own web sites?

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I feel like there needs to be a concerted push to move all internet infrastructure into the control of the hands of the United Nations — currently the US controls too much.

Organisations such as IANA and ICANN are based in the US, which means they could see pressure to force domain registrars to comply with US laws. This is greatly worrying.

I don't have the political chops to push for this, but I'd happily sign any campaign.

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if any newbs are confused about what all these different timelines mean:

Home: people you follow

Local: all of Switter

Federated: all of Switter, PLUS anyone from *any other instance on Mastodon* who follows one of us. (basically, the more we interact with normies outside of the Switterverse, the more people we'll get connected to, so don't sleep on that Federated TL! try to be friendly & social to the civvies so we can broaden our reach within the greater Fediverse.)


Anyway to make my timeline look more like twitter? E.g. widen some columns, get rid of others?

Why doesn't switter allow login with usernames?


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