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One of my all-time favorites is coming to Nashville from Chicago. Gia Venetia will be here 5/1 to 5/4, so book an appt with her.

CW ~ 

This is hot! Just sold! Stroke or Spend ~ Card Game (Round 1) Get yours on !

@PersianPlaymate -- so do you have a website? and where are you located? You're very pretty. - Stephen

‪The art of seduction is knowing what she really wants & slowly giving it to her in a way that takes her breath away... 👄✨🌹🥂🍾‬


‪Please boost 🔁😘‬

‪Only 6 days left for TN gents to prebook “our time”!‬

‪Same day dates aren’t available. Please prebook in order to ensure my visit.‬

‪Let’s meet, there will never be a better moment to experience all that I have to offer!‬

‪Prebooking until 5/4✨‬

‪📍Knoxville 5/7‬
‪📍Chattanooga 5/8‬
‪📍Nashville 5/9


‪Please RT & boost 🔁😘

Location: Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville TN

Spring and Summer travel season is here! New packages will be in effect by weeks end. Screen now to lock in & get some for yourself!

and are my specialty. Only go on one date a night, so why not you and I?

Upcoming Schedule:

- 05/07 - Booked 💋
- 05/11 - Booked wknd 💋
- 05/14
- 05/18 - Booked 💋
- 05/23

Our relationship should be like Nintendo 64–classic, fun to spend hours with, and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it then shoving it back in! LOL


If you have interest in seeing me this week, let me know by booking an appointment with deposit.

So far , , and have you beat with locked in Friends&Family travel rates.

Travel structure is changing. So...if a leggy, educated, polyglot gal with the looks & temperament of but the skillset of is your thing - get in touch. And get on the list for the mindblowing newness coming:


on my mind... thinking of a visit

Beautiful bombshell waiting for you!


@Danicamalone -- I, for one, would absolutely love for you to visit Nashville!!💋 😛 😈

✔️ Introduced himself
✔️All screening info
✔️ Deposits submitted
✔️ Sent a few tokens of appreciation for our converstions
✔️ personal 2 day tourguide.

is for lovers! See you soon... 💋

05/07 & 05/08 TAKEN.

Can I say, as a (not being arrogant here) Highly Intelligent Woman, I find nerds to be sexy.

I also LOVE other smart women. That includes women who don't know something, but are curious enough and motivated enough to learn. I can work with *ALMOST* anyone who is willing to learn.

Life is all about ass you're either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it, or behaving like one.

The pieces are starting to fall into place. I won't have to be in pain forever. 😐

Boost This link if you want Fosta Repealed!

The deadline to sign the repeal fosta petition is tomorrow! If you haven't signed. Sign it today!

Gia Venetia, EurAsian beauty, coming to Nashville 5/1 to 5/4. @experienceGia on Twitter

Gia Venetia, EurAsian beauty, coming to Nashville 5/1 to 5/4. @experienceGia on Twitter

Chemistry & respect go sooooo much further than looks with me!

Treat me right & I will treat you even BETTER! 💘

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