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Bear in mind that the things you hated when Trump proposed them remain the same things when repackaged with a pretty new bow when the Dems propose them. twitter.com/nickgillespie/stat

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Being a sex worker is constantly being discriminated against from banks and social media platforms. 💔 twitter.com/graceyswer/status/

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So before it was brothels @ExodusCry@twitter.com ? Why do people think EC is *just* trying to help trafficking victims when they have a history of being anti sex industry? nevadabrothelassociation.com/e

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There's over 54,000 hotels in the US, with on average 326 rooms per hotel. Every hotel would have to host less then 4 people to get everyone off the streets. Don't let anyone tell you there isn't enough housing for everyone in the richest country in the world. twitter.com/RebeccaforWA/statu

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Do you work at Whole Foods? What do you think about this?

Talk to your coworkers about how they feel about it! twitter.com/organizeworkers/st

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Definitely joining the call to stress that groups representing FSSW should be at the table here. It's super important.

I also think the only solution here is to kill SISEA, not to reform or modify it. twitter.com/APAGunion/status/1

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COVID-19 Lockdown Restrictions and Online Media Consumption in Germany. Males are doing more gaming and porn watching, females watching more shows and social media. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/

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"As the time of public and official sentiment has turned against QAnon in 2020, we have a golden opportunity to respond with stigma-free, scientifically accurate information about CSA and its prevention." buff.ly/3q85XLO

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Reforming, modifying, or altering it -- and thus ultimately supporting its passing -- is just going to increase strain on the most marginalized sex workers. Kill SISEA

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I would add Ben Franklin's adage:

"Passion rarely governs wisely"

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The absolute last thing this country needs is for the military and police to go even farther towards becoming a constant surveillance cadre...I mean, with all the talk about Orwell around these events, it would be helpful if someone actually read his books?

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Making things "super extra illegal" usually comes with a lot of nasty privacy and security surprises....and also results in absurd and unjust sentencing enhancements which usually turn out later to have been HUGE mistakes

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Dear @JoeBiden@twitter.com

New security theater legislation, during a crisis, under the guise of domestic terrorism would not

We do not need new Patriot Acts, one was more than enough, everything that happened at the Capital was already illegal

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Democrats pitching 1400 instead of 2000 because we already got 600 is a nice summation of what they think of us.

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I Liked a @YouTube@twitter.com video "Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)" buff.ly/3eIVAtb

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If you needed proof that the Democratic party is *at best* incompetent, then look no further than early attempts to push the idea that if only they do more of what led to Trump in the first place that things will get better. I submit energy is best spent @4aPeoplesParty@twitter.com

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Let’s not forget that the ‘norm’ is what created Trump in the first place. There needs to be progress. We don’t need to go back to what was... if that happens we are going to be exactly where we were 4 years from now with likely, a more dangerous candidate than Trump.(thread 1/3)

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Which is the closest to your political ideology?

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The Democratic party has done NOTHING to earn our trust. All they have done is stab progressives in the back over and over and over again.

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