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I’m available all day today! Busy weekend ahead of me! Don’t miss out on your chance to spend some much needed relaxation time with me, these days are soon coming to an end.
Contact me at 816-832-2218

Good morning ladies! Where are all the sword swallowers at? I mean... I hope everyone has a great day! 😎😈

Question: How XXX rated do guys want pictures to be? Do you wanna see full pussy.. Spread open nasty pics.. Or would you rather leave a little bit up to the imagination ? please respond.. I love to hear the opinions on this...

What's up in I moved locations from East Atlanta and I'll be here until Sunday!!a


I tried all that but thank you for the advice. At least someone it's awake in Switterville!!


ECCIE has been up and fully functioning since June. It did go down for a couple months but for some reason I'm having a hard time getting on today. Maybe it's just my tablet playing tricks on me today.

Anyone else having problems getting on Eccie?

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