We just got ourselves another new toy: a new weight bench with both leg and arm attachments. I even put it together all my myself last night without drawing any blood, which if you know me at all you'll realize is quite an accomplishment. 😬 I think both Levi and Melo approve. 👍🏼

Gyms here in Boston are closed for at least another 3 weeks. Not that I mind all that much… it's safer to work out at home right now, plus check out that view! 🤤

1/ While we're anxiously awaiting the results of the Georgia runoff elections, I thought I'd share a tiny piece of exciting personal news (exciting to me and @Levi_The_Red@twitter.com, anyway)… we got a new barbell for our home gym today! 🏋🏻‍♂️ This one is rated for 1200 lbs…

New Year's Eve with Levi, Melo, Link, and Zelda (Breath of the Wild). I can't tell you how many times I've watched Levi die… this game is HARD! 😣

Happy New Year, everybody! 🎉

Look who decided to join us for our basement workout! ("I'm just here for the belly rubs," says Melo.)

Look what @Levi_the_Red@twitter.com got me for Christmas! It's a vintage '80s Dragon's Lair metal lunchbox! Goes great with my Dragon's Lair lamp… AND it was filled with Reese's peanut butter tin soldiers!! 🐉🗡🥜🧈

Merry Christmas! Have you been naughty this year? 😈 (Drawing by Yan Herbe… check out more of his work at jack.mn/yanherbe ☺️️)

A year ago today, @Levi_The_Red@twitter.com took a leap of faith and moved from Oregon to live with me in Boston, and I'm SO happy he did. 🥰 Happy anniversary to the Big Guy!! Now… can he survive his first REAL New England wintah? 🌬🌨

(Last year doesn't count. We got, like, ZERO snow.)

Sigh… gyms in Boston are closed again. It's for the best, of course, as Covid case numbers continue to rise. @Levi_The_Red@twitter.com and I are lucky that we still have our own little home gym to fall back on, though… and it's arguably more fun anyway! 💪🏼😈

47 y.o. & arguably in the best shape of my life thanks to my partner @Levi_The_Red@twitter.com! 💪🏼 Levi's a @NASM@twitter.com-certified personal trainer now taking in-person Boston-area clients, or he'll coach you online w/ individualized diet/workout plans. Email: crispfitnesspersonaltraining@gmail.com

Here's the latest in our shoot with @benfinkmen@twitter.com from a few weeks ago, called "The Temple Bath" 💦

There are maybe half a dozen photos from shoot so far that Ben's worked his magic on… hopefully soon I'll have a chance to get a blog post up with all the images in one place! 🙃

I promised you guys more outtakes from my photo shoot with for @adonmagazine@twitter.com… here's one that we took in Mike's (thankfully heated) pool. 🥶 If you're a fan of Mike's work you'll probably recognize the giant pink flamingo! 🦩

Be sure to follow Mike way @mikeruiz1@twitter.com!

Melo is all like "stop watching football and let me give you kisses instead" 🐶👅💦

Does anyone else think the Mandalorian is starting to feel a little like this? 😒

TOPIC: Sci-fi characters you HATED when they were first introduced but then, much to your surprise, you grew to really love. I'll start: Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis ("Jool") on Farscape, and Sgt. Roberta "Bobbie" Draper on The Expanse.

Your turn! 😁

@Farscape@twitter.com @ExpanseOnPrime@twitter.com

I sent this pic to a close friend of mine in SF yesterday to wish him a happy birthday. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it with you guys, but the look on Melo's face was too cute not to! 😜

Hey Path: HBD again! When it's safe to go to SF, Levi and I will be first in line! 😘

FUN FACT: , the new(-ish) social media platform that all those Trump supporters and Newsmax/OAN acolytes are flocking to, is backed by the Mercer family, the people behind now-defunct Cambridge Analytica... the same Cambridge Analytica that was…

Who wore it better? 🤔

Just kidding… we ALL know that @Levi_The_Red@twitter.com wore it better. 🤤 But I'm getting there!

Now that we're both in bulking mode, I finally took @Levi_the_Red@twitter.com to @MrBartleys@twitter.com in Harvard Square. (I got the Dr. Fauci and him the MBTA.) It's the 1st stop on my best-of-Boston burger tour… next is @JimsDeli371Wash@twitter.com for the Greek burger then @VictoriaDiner@twitter.com for the Mayor Menino!

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