hi switterverse! anyone aware of a site for hobbyists to post their availability, budget, requests etc. so that providers that fit the requested criteria can reach them? Any thoughts on whether such a tool would be helpful/welcomed by providers? thx!


I am boosting your toot maybe someone will be back to you. As I'm an online provider, can't give you any info/idea 😉.

Be well 🤗

@Valleyscott Thanks for the reply! Yes, I'd imagine it would require heavy screening but again, the notion is that it is a more direct way of managing the supply/demand dynamic.

@Valleyscott ok. Then I guess next best thing will be to use switter tags like or something like that (any suggestions??) where providers can easily look at that tag and determine if the particular client's needs/asks match what they might be willing to provide on a given day. Btw you have an excellent site with great resources! Kudos for putting that together!

@jayvog If it was an airtight system with heavy verification it would be wonderful for all of us. You have to do your own hunting though🙂Private delights is a great site for finding what you are looking for. Switter is too if you make sure your choice has some solid reviews. If she is on Private delights and you like her reviews you are golden.

@Auroraborealis123 thanks for the thoughtful response. I think airtight is certainly achievable. The notion would be to begin small. With only known providers. Known providers then invite their known clients. etc etc. I get that there will be some possessiveness at first, but as the buy in expands there should be enough for everyone. The goal is to be able to have a forum where it works both ways. Providers should be able to find clients, when they are otherwise available and not getting calls.

@Gbnpublisher maybe a little. To me it's more like flipping the script. If you look at SW as a barter system (instead of service industry which is the normal perspective) then there is no need for old norms to dictate how it's done. Clients have something desirable to offer and so do SWs so no reason that they both can't advertise and that SWs cant feel safe searching for clients instead of the reverse.

@jayvog Any website operator running rhis needs to be in a country where sex work is legal. In the US im pretty certain that that operator would rapidly run foul of the FBI for facilitating jnterstate sex trafficking.

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