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To me, this is an anniversary worth celebrating!

I’m proud of me— To have survived through everything thrown at me and to have made it here despite all of the odds stacked against me.

Here’s to us junkies, alive or dead, sober or using.

I 💕 and honour you all. 🙏🏻

My mom saw this photo of Deceiver album artwork and wants to have a listen. If y’all knew my mom and/or have listened to DIIV, you’d have a more accurate picture of just how CUTE THIS IS! Awwww!

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Woo, more free followers! Check out my profile and see my free wall on

My members are enjoying that InstaXXX life with me.

P.S. There’s also 8 spots left at 50%, just so you know. Get on it! 📸🎞✨

I included the entire two part set that this shot is from!

Make sure you’re a member this week— You’re in for a major treat!

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I just queued up free bi-daily updates through until next week for my members! 🎞🎞🎞

Meet me! 👉🏻
Both my official website and profile are just a click away. 💘

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It’s so motivating to be able to see what even a day does to boost my performance!

Check it, though, 1 + 2 are October 01 2020 and 3 + 4 are today’s evening run. Fitness trackers make exercising with ADHD possible, y’all. 💪🏻

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The next 8 subscribers to get an unprecedented 50% off— Offer ends October 07 2020! 🎃👻💀🦇🕷🎃

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I am SO SORE...... 10 days in a row running for a minimum of 60 minutes daily, and it feels AMAZING, don’t get me wrong. Also, my stamina is fantastic. But OWWWWWIE!

At least I’ve gone from running 1.7km/day to 10.7km/day! HUGE tangible improvement on top of it all.


Pulling some previously unreleased work from the archive and dropping them as exclusives!

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lmaooo FR FR though I was so annoyed with how hot and blister-y I felt after 10.75 km on the treadmill so I put my running shoes IN MY FREEZER for tomorrow?????? I’ll have to report back on whether this is effective or not in about 24 hours from now 😂😂😂

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I’m breaking in some new runners and it’s blister city after each of my daily runs. Plus, I’ve never needed a massage more than I do right now!

10+ km a day is brUTAL but necessary— You SERIOUSLY don’t realize how much stamina you build up from FSSW until it’s gone. FR!

Photos courtesy of!

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