thanks for understanding y’all 🥺💕

i’m still making an effort 2 respond to my DMs as well as my and I’m queuing up content foe both sites

ty again 4 understanding 💋

pls accept these strap on Polaroids as a token of my gratitude

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Hi, y’all!

I have been and still am on a Twitter break for health and personal reasons, and have been for the last little bit.

Which you likely noticed by my lack of tweets.

Say hi on IG if you need me.
I’ve delegated whatever PND, and I’ll be back! 💋

Check out my profile, Follow me for free & get all my complimentary & paid content in your inbox

Woo, more free followers! Check out my profile and see my free wall on

Woo, more free followers! Check out my profile and see my free wall on

This lens flare loves my face, apparently! Less useful since I’m not in the closet much these days, but there’s something artsy about it. And my tummy looks yummy on film. 😋

Since it’s , it seems like as good a time as any to make sure you’re following me on! It’s FREE, and with the option to upgrade to a monthly membership. 😈

Not to mention, I’m uploading this set as we speak! 😉

I’m using my to give y’all a reminder!

It’s October 07 2020, and that means you have until midnight tonight to grab a spot on for 50%— This is the best deal I’ve offered to date!

Wishing all my fans a happy hump day— Especially to my and who’re enjoying 2 new sets this evening! 🥰✨

The entirety of this set is up on and this week? You don’t say!

It’s pretty great, but don’t take my word for it— Come celebrate me month and my big one year sober-versary in style! 🥰💞✨

Tell me one thing you love about yourself that others typically put you down for. 💞✨

Good afternoon, Twitter! 💋✨

This entire set goes live shortly on and then tomorrow for my members! 😉

Workout Polaroids, because who doesn’t get so horny on the big bouncy ball that you just have to show off the ASSets you’ve been working so hard on? 😉


To me, this is an anniversary worth celebrating!

I’m proud of me— To have survived through everything thrown at me and to have made it here despite all of the odds stacked against me.

Here’s to us junkies, alive or dead, sober or using.

I 💕 and honour you all. 🙏🏻

Woo, more free followers! Check out my profile and see my free wall on

My members are enjoying that InstaXXX life with me.

P.S. There’s also 8 spots left at 50%, just so you know. Get on it! 📸🎞✨

I just queued up free bi-daily updates through until next week for my members! 🎞🎞🎞

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