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is my film.
Watch what happens when queer punks explore the roots and evolution of their sexuality.

My self-produced showcase will be available this summer. It stars Will Havoc, Kismet Charlatan, Courtney Trouble, and Audrey LaVey.

I painted a masterpiece today— The world needs more punk rock mermaids, don’t you think? 😜🤟🏻✨

Get prints @ and you have until January 01 2021 to get 20% off everything when you use the code BOXWEEK20 at checkout.


LMS if you’re a Hannibal fan 💀✨

These pieces and a ton more are for sale @ and you can get 20% off everything when you use BOXWEEK20 at checkout!

Cocks, cobras, & more!

I’m not getting much done lately, but I am painting through it all. Here are some of my best:

P.S. You can financially support yr favourite responsible hooker on hiatus and get print posters of any piece mailed to your door!

🌸 🌸

hey hi hello I cannot decide where to get my art printed

what do y’all think??? do we like VistaPrint???

h e l p

ANYWAYS, my Angler Fish is available for purchase— Obviously don’t get my pieces tattooed unless you’ve bought the rights to do so. TIA!

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I typically paint from memory anyway, but I couldn’t even check myself on accuracy because that would involve looking at photos of Angler Fish— And we’ve established that even Angler Fish imagery makes me physically uncomfortable. Wholly fuck the deep sea ecosystem.

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What better way to work through my biggest fear than by spending 13 hours with no breaks painting exactly that. Enjoy this original piece and check out what else I got up to this weekend on! 🐠✨

P.S. I’m taking commissions!
Get in touch! 💕

thanks for understanding y’all 🥺💕

i’m still making an effort 2 respond to my DMs as well as my and I’m queuing up content foe both sites

ty again 4 understanding 💋

pls accept these strap on Polaroids as a token of my gratitude

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Hi, y’all!

I have been and still am on a Twitter break for health and personal reasons, and have been for the last little bit.

Which you likely noticed by my lack of tweets.

Say hi on IG if you need me.
I’ve delegated whatever PND, and I’ll be back! 💋

Check out my profile, Follow me for free & get all my complimentary & paid content in your inbox

Woo, more free followers! Check out my profile and see my free wall on

Woo, more free followers! Check out my profile and see my free wall on

just wanna take a moment of silence today for those of us sacrificing our nut for public safety 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

This lens flare loves my face, apparently! Less useful since I’m not in the closet much these days, but there’s something artsy about it. And my tummy looks yummy on film. 😋

Since it’s , it seems like as good a time as any to make sure you’re following me on! It’s FREE, and with the option to upgrade to a monthly membership. 😈

Not to mention, I’m uploading this set as we speak! 😉

And, well, $3.50 for instant access to 2000+ HD photo and video eXXXclusives is unbeatable.

So, get on it! Link in bio, or just click here on the blue hyperlink in this here tweet. 💋

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I’m using my to give y’all a reminder!

It’s October 07 2020, and that means you have until midnight tonight to grab a spot on for 50%— This is the best deal I’ve offered to date!

Are you following me on Instagram? I managed to remake my account for the 59373772th time. 😅

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Wishing all my fans a happy hump day— Especially to my and who’re enjoying 2 new sets this evening! 🥰✨

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