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is my film.
Watch what happens when queer punks explore the roots and evolution of their sexuality.

My self-produced showcase will be available this summer. It stars Will Havoc, Kismet Charlatan, Courtney Trouble, and Audrey LaVey.

I am available now in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! To contact me, visit

as promised! my sexy physique is dreamy in canvas pants and a g-string ...

in case you thought you couldn’t do
there’s one right here👇🏻👇🏻😈👇🏻👇🏻

to fight the capitalist heteropatriarchy to stick it to those loser sjw 😂😎🤭🤫

hopping on the train 🚂 after my first personal training sesh 💪🏻

thought this shirt was appropriate after making our to use our buffness for fighting fascists, rapists, and pedophiles as per my last couple tweets 😅

I’m half joking but he’s supportive af of my lol we bout to tag team Faith Goldy but like high key hate fuck

We start tomorrow afternoon and I’m going to get buff af so neo-Nazis and pedophiles watch out. If you thought getting shitkicked by a 90-100 lbs street rat looking dad fucker punk rock porn star was bad, wait until you see these . 💪🏻 lmao

I’ve been MIA for a lot of reasons— not necessarily relevant on a public and client facing platform, but I have a lot of work to do, starting with my new personal trainer!

I went to type “my favorite dick” but it corrected to “my favourite fuck” but both would be correct 🍆💦

this/all the other scenes from my award-winning film ‘filthy fucking luxury’ are still 25% off until the end of 🎁 alternatively, you can grace with me your presence by heading to because yes I still am accepting bookings.

I am available now in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! To contact me, visit

I mean, she was a total cunt— but she had such a nice one. 😅☠️

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