This is a reminder that Switter is run in our spare time and it's pretty much close to impossible to actively monitor a social network of 150,000+ users to prevent bad actors.

The moderation tools Mastodon provides make it difficult and time consuming to deal with the amount of reports we get.

The account in question is still there but in a suspended status as Mastodon's native suspension tools removes everything which we don't want as we want it for evidence.


@nightpool doesn’t that just prevent them from signing in?

@j sure. silencing would also work if you want to keep stuff around but not allow anyone else to see it

@nightpool Silencing only prevents it from showing up on public timelines right? The account still appears to be active otherwise which is also not what we want

@j silencing someone will prevent them from being seen by anyone who does not follow them (unless they're like, looking at the person's the profile page directly)

@nightpool the current problem is that people still think the account exists because it's linked and viewable, even while suspended or silenced

@j @nightpool I mean, it shouldn't really stop being a link at any point, but you might be behind the change where suspended accounts don't even open at all in web UI because they return 410?

@Gargron @nightpool okay, appears to be harder than I thought cause if a user has a mention from the suspended user, the suspended account data still shows up even the account API endpoint is returning 410

@j @gargron i mean, if you're concerned about preserving evidence, I would suggest that you take a database backup and then suspend the user. trying to hack a soft-delete feature in under time pressure is probably not a good idea

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