I wrote a post on the first 50 days of Switter from my perspective and my real identity, and cover FOSTA/SESTA, the stress of running Switter, getting kicked off Cloudflare and the DDOS attack we got hit by last week.

I remember waking up the day after we launched Switter and checking the moderation queue to see someone had reported a toot that had an untagged picture of someone taking a shit in someone else's mouth.

It was way too early in the morning to see literal shit on my screen, and I wasn't sure how to deal with the report because it's a kink.

@j thank you! For all you do, revealing your identity, sharing, and managing the stress to support this community. You are appreciated! 😍

veryy good article... and thank you for your awesomeness... keep it on ✊

@j such a great article. Not just on Switter launch but for any IT implementation. Really informative. What a great job you (and the team) have done. Great case study. Thanks for writing when you must be exhausted 💤

@j This is a pretty amazing feat. Congratulations and the best of luck to you.

@j Thanks for writing this, it'll be my go-to for giving people material on why SESTA is bad.

@j great article and great overall work you do!

@j You had an unexpected opportunity to be a hero for the masses of sex workers and you took it. Quite inspiring!

It's heartwarming to see technology being used for the people instead of against them. Thanks again to @Gargron for creating a social network that's not a corporation but a public utility.

@metalbob A social network is all the people on it, not just one of many developers.

@anarchosaurus I totally agree! I got a bit emotional there.

Thanks to all the good people who made Mastodon a success.

@j awesome write-up on Medium... Thank you so much for all the hard work and for sharing news with everyone about how it's been going.

Also, I totally didn't know you were on Patreon! Just made my pledge now.

About that, however, I can find you from the direct link but not if I try to search for Assembly Four. Tried searching every variation of the name that I could. Does Patreon now have a shadowban?

@j Interesting blog post, thanks for providing a safe and helpful service to everyone.

@j great article. Thanks for all the effort you guys are putting in. I hope you continue to save lives and make the world a better place to live! Thanks to the @AssemblyFour team too!

@j thank you for all your amazing work! so vital and needed in this environment.

one suggestion: open a mymonero wallet to take donations in crypto. monero is ideal so supporters can donate privately.

@BetterEthics We're still working on understanding the legalities with taking crypto in Australia which is why we haven't done it yet

@j got it! hope you're able to sort out the logistics soon. i'd love to support if there were a somewhat more anonymous way i could do so.

@j this is amazing, so inspiring, thank you for your work! And double thank you for documenting.

Not sure if it is useful but me and some of the other #socialcoop folks can advise on community governance if you want extra brains on that challenge.

@richdecibels Thank you!

We're trying to figure out legalities before we think about community governance... What would be the first steps at community governance?

@j big question! top of mind:

- define stakeholder groups (expect distribution like 5ppl in core team w/ legal power, 50 committed collaborators engage in governance conversations, 500 users fill in a switter census, etc)
- name those groups and clarify rights + responsibilities for each concentric circle + pathways to move inward
- start small and over deliver (get your core humming before inviting deeper engagement from wider circles)
- no participatory decisions w/o resourced facilitators

@j I'm in the tech biz, how can I help? Where are you hosting at now? What CDN (i'm lazy to dig it up)

I want to volunteer my help.

@j4 you can support our Patreon at or LiberiaPay at

We're in the process of moving to Exoscale and are about to turn off our CDN cause it's just too expensive to run

@j Thank you for the amazing effort you have put into this for the community. I sincerely hope there is some emotional and financial reward for you in that at some point. You have my humble personal gratitude. xoxo

@SophiaStJohn thanks :) The emotional reward is there already but I can't say the same for the financial side yet!

@j Well it's important in order for this to last (for us + for you) that you have income and funds to grow this considering it could be huge. In order to devote all your attention to running this there has to be a revenue stream attached to this at some point. I'm not sure where that comes from... ad opportunities from users, a foreign angel investor, or corporate ad placements (that one might be tricky). Time is money for all....from surgeons, to companions to operators of websites 👍

@SophiaStJohn Yeah, our goal is to make Switter sustainable. If Patreon doesn't ban our account, donations should cover at least half of current infrastructure costs for the time being. We're iffy about investment as we're worried about Switter being used for nefarious purposes so it's looking like we'll figure other ways to support ourselves!

@j - If you haven’t already, take a look at #LiberaPay as an alternate (or concurrent) platform to Patreon. Lower fees than Patreon. Open Sourced, based out of France, etc.

@j thank hou do much for all your hard work. Switter has helped me a lot after the main site i was on was taken dow. You rock!

@j that's you! I heard that name in the past week. I'm relation to switter and I was like "who is this".

Hi o/

@j is was a good post, thank you for sharing!

@j and all the people who can't seem to grasp that we need to keep our privates covered...😉

@KLttyKat that is why I had to implement some basic automatic nudity detection which isn't 100%

@j I KNOW. i get caught up in the sweeps and I don't post nudity ever. :( not even so much as a nipple. Not even a butt crack.

You would *THINK* women would realize when you keep your naughty bits covered....I heard girls over and over complain that online sales were slow and they were upset bc guys would add them on skype just to say "I came to your TL" well, dummie, if you didn't have pics of your pussy everywhere...🙄

PS it looks like a catcher's mitt. please put it away

@j also, proper social media decorum on EVERY PLATFORM is "NO NUDITY" If it wasn't just a few of yall, I would say do what twitter does... suspend them for nudity. and evntually kick their nude asses off....

@KLttyKat oh really? As in you still get shadowbanned or whatever on Twitter without any nudity?

@j Great post! Thanks for all the work you've done. I'm new to Swifter and still haven't worked out how I'm going to use it, but it is great to have a network of our own at a time when we have so few options for both advertising and community-building.

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