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If Henry Ward Beecher is right that "love is the river of life in the world," then I hope to be a tributary...

Courting Controversy, or the Post I Probably Shouldn't Write:

Unpopular opinions must be shared if you want to be fully understood, no?

please 💕

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You're so hot, you denature my proteins. Let's pretend I'm helicase, I'll unzip your jeans. to let me be your adenine, so I can get with U 😉

for laughs 💕

Comment a joke, dad jokes are my favorite!

Helllloooo I'm back after a couple days of resting :)
Let's hang out on this rainy sunday...
the rain always makes me wanna cuddle up and get my naughty on :)
in the ues until midnight!!

***30 dollars off tonight when you mention switter** :)


#pretty #

Just two more weeks !
🔥 August 2019 SPECIAL🔥

SPECIAL 💯 FREE dinner date hour with 2hr+ Playtimes

🌴Gentlemen VIP or NEWBIE members of @privatedelights @tryst @tnaboard & 350hr 450/90 All Inclusive
Please book online, text or e-mail 4hr-24hr+ notice 1pm-1am.


FOR YOUR 💯 Confidence..

Hmm. What makes me wet?

When a man respects my screening process! It indicates that he knows how to get shit done 😘

If you’re unable to provide following information that is listed on my ads, i will kindly refer you with my link. It prevents me from being repetitive as I want to be as responsive as I can towards all my inquiries..

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. ❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋

Seductive Creamy Delight💋😘
G⃕E⃕T⃕ O⃕U⃕T⃕ T⃕H⃕E⃕ R⃕A⃕I⃕N⃕
(Highly Reviwed)
Great Reviews ❤️Accurate Photos❤️ Punctuality❤️ Drama Free❤️
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💞💖Got What You Been Looking For 💞💖
I'm available 24/7 🍭 Im Aℓℓ Yσυ NεεD💋
Let me help add a little balance to your life.
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I have a very playful personality, and an intellectual mind that is always working to create a unique & gratifying experience for you. I pride myself on attention to detail and immeasurable reciprocity so you will always be looking forward to what’s next...


I appreciate the follows, boosts and faves! This is a tight-knit, supportive community and the sentiment is encouraged!

I will always , and , for ladies only!

My gentlemen followers appreciate that I represent authenticity, so please, pin your verifications (listed below) to your profile, or in your bio!

✏️Anything else that can help put minds at ease that you’re not trying to dupe anybody! 😘

:penis_money: :booty_call: :weed: :shots:

It's Weekend PlayTime🌴💕🎊 With Cocoa ALL DAY & NIGHT ! Hosting in 😊🍫! Call/Text Now For More Info: 7028031732 *No Foul Language Please*

Location: Anaheim, ca
Contact: 7028031732

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. - Walt Disney ✨

Let's explore, play, debate, and collect memories here, there, anywhere 💕




Having a minor wardrobe malfunction in a fairy garden, or a typical Monday.

You're seeing 2x me to avoid preview cropping. But even 2x isn't enough, is it? to share adventures, company, cuddles...🥰

Please 💕

So glad people are liking my new pics and vids 😁😍😘💦💦

You can too 😉📸🎬

⚄pics, 15
⚄⚄ pics, 25
⚀vid, 15
⚁vids, 25
Phone/kik play 40

💖💖💖Client Tip of the day: 💖💖💖

Guys: Please be certain of your availability before submitting your scheduling request. Ladies do not appreciate detailed requests only to find out you have not secured the available time for yourself.

This fumble can get you labeled as a time-waster.

Don't be a time-waster. ⏳

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