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πŸ’‘Dear Switter Family,
I know boosting is our habit & is our lifeblood, but please READ THE TOOTS BEFORE BOOSTING:
* Dated Toots: toots boosted being available a week or even months past... wastes providers & hobbyists’ time
* Inactive Swithearts: Especially for ones on (COVID-19 induced) hiatus, they may not be checking DM’s
* Frauds: I’m seeing new frauds- ones pretending to be brand name adult talents. Unless cross-referenced from official social media, treat as

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*whispers* reforming the police is not and will never be enough. only abolishing the police will suffice. there is no other way to bring about the systematic change we need

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People often ask what Kink/#BDSM has to do with Tantra. Isn’t Kink about darkness & pain, where Tantra is all about light & love?

Both are about being in the moment with all that is present. Both are about surrendering to feelings. Whether it’s the surrender to feelings of following (can I trust you?) or leading (can I trust myself?)

β›“ β›“

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