Interview next week - send your congrats in $$$ form.

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@MDCuddleTherapist THANK YOU! It went well! I'm hoping that I hear something from them soon :D

@MDCuddleTherapist nothing yet but i'm checking in monday if i don't hear anything.

@hollyjaymes good idea -did you send them a “thank you” card for the interview? That can help them decide too - especially if they are having a hard time deciding

@MDCuddleTherapist no i didn't! i didn't even think of that. thank you for the idea! I'm gonna make something super cute and do that for both places :) !!

@hollyjaymes buy a Pkg of plain white cards w/a gold “Thank you!” On the cover

It’s simple, professional & straight forward. Be kind, professional & short. mention that u enjoyed meeting w/them & thank them for the opportunity to meet w/ u . “I know I can become a valuable asset to (insert co name) & look forward to the opportunity to make ur wonderful company an even better more productive place”! Feel free to contact me if u have any more questions for me.“. “Sincerely, name, cell number “

@hollyjaymes after you send card , give them 3 - 4 days to receive, then call and thank them Again for the interview and just mention as a side note you sent a thank you card as well, and hopefully the were able to receive it (( it’s very positive and makes them feel like you’d be a polite, caring, thoughtful employee)

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