When coworkers openly drink and take opiates on the job, yet I'm told that I need to wear a bra. Wild times we live in.

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@hollyjaymes That is ass backwards. I think they are jealous..😘

@LucyB right? That is the only thing that makes sense to me! 😘

@hollyjaymes Well if you worked for me, I would request braless...hehe

@hollyjaymes @LucyB Bras should be optional all the time! My heart goes out to all you ladies for wearing one!

@Drk_Knight81 Hey Babe, Hows your Only-fans page doing? Miss you😘

@hollyjaymes I don't know, but I think OSHA might be part of it. I've heard that your titties unharnessed can be dangerous, lol!

@Fridays117 I simply told the wrong person about my decision not to wear one every again or they told the wrong person or I was too open about it in general like I am with most things...

Mine are dangerous! Dangerous of stealin' yo man and causing boners. :)

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