@ronf, How the heck are you! Thank you for the boosts! I truly appreciate it. 😚

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@hollyjaymes Its back to work for me. Switter is my only break😁😆🤣😅 I am glad to be of help. I do miss my boosting partner.😪 Hope her mom is ok.

@ronf I hope her mom is okay too! You are always so helpful! I know each and everyone of us appreciates it. :D

@hollyjaymes Kinda worries me as in my own life experience I have had elderlies that had physical injuries and the outcome are not so great (my own parents included). Praying this will be more positive.

@ronf Aw! I'm praying too, praying for more positive outcome and a speedy recovery.
My grandmother had a knee surgery almost a decade ago but didn't do any rehab and now its extremely hard for her to walk without a can or walker.

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