switter can still be great, it depends on how we use it!

i still use switter even if there are so many bots..

Switter has become such trash. And yet some beautiful folks are on here.

are there clients out there who book SWs based only on their name? cuz sometimes i can imagine guys wanting to say the names of their boyhood crushes out loud in passion...

i want everyone to be safe and to make lots of money! please do!!

Beautiful day today! Be well!!

Dear Switter. I read how some SWs hate clients’ feet. Please tell me what to do to mine to make them acceptable. I wash them in the shower and I use coconut foot cream or vitamin a and d cream. Thanks!

unfortunately the thing that sucks is that i see too many ads that say the terms "no aa" and my heart breaks. and does it even matter if I was AA? cuz it doesn't...

there's a reason they call it the GREAT american south! dates here are amazing!

i'm about to go on (yet another) crazy trip! see y'all soon, the south!

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Good morning!

Can anybody tell the class what "references required" means?

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@ErinBarnes experienced hobbyists know what it means. I ignore those who play dumb.

Hi everyone! Stay safe out there and please have a good day!!

i love PD, but you don't need PD! i notice a ton of SW who hate the review culture - and that's ok!

i love this place :) y'all are great! go SW go! be safe

i'm really glad that switter admin is trying to address the spambots...

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I was thinking about the term “premature ejaculation”. That’s a problem for those younger men, at my age it doesn’t happen too quickly....I guess you can call it “mature ejaculation” ...or “cum whenever you can” 💦😂🤣💥💧

Why are some SW so mean to each other?

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I notice very rarely that there are some providers that provide BBFS. As a man, this may seem exciting...but the risk seems off the charts. I don’t think I would allow that - even in my private life I insist on protection, unless in a deeply committed relationship. But I do see many folks shaming providers who allow for this service. I don’t think shame is ever the correct way to go about speaking with SW’s, no matter what the case. BBFS is highly risky but talking shit is wrong. Thoughts?

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