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you guys haven’t seen me in awhile πŸ™‚ so heres an update on journ 😘😘😘 β˜€οΈ weather in kc is amazing!!

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I'm going to have to see some verified girls and get on 411. Banging Asians and strippers is tiring. Which of your verified girls want my attention?

@petitepinkxxx You're up past your bedtime. How does you schedule look for Sunday night?

@theMissDreams I might have to see you to get you to free a nipple. I would tomorrow, but apparently you're not in Springfield.

I'm visiting Northern Alabama. Are there any athletic providers down there?

I'm going walk-about in Northern Alabama. Who are the cool providers there?

Why does Kansas produce so many escorts that call themselves "Summer?" I'm thinking in October, I'm dying waiting for summer to come.

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Puerto Rican Double Ds here in Alpharetta to play
my place or yours mine is a discreet home location upscale
i am 1000% real all pics are recnt i am 5'7lbs 110lbs

call or text no fake numbers please unless you have references!! NO EXCEPTIONS EVER

Location: Atlanta Georgia
Contact: 347-614-0733

For future reference, your crackhead sob story does not move me. Nowhere upon my person or abode does it say "crackhead ATM." So if you decide to become a crackhead you've seen your last currency from me. I will not let you starve or die of exposure. However, no money. You're on an express elevator to the bottom. There is nothing that can be done for you until you see that or hit bottom.

@SexyMonica What would it take to convince you to visit Kansas City?

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It is a sad state of affairs when the trannys on are hotter than the women on. Maybe I need a different hobby. Maybe somebody will sell me some crack. No, the OTHER kind of crack.

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