@Rithmaster if your emails were bouncing back, a DM on here would've been great, considering i sent you several messages all May.

you did explain the issues with your bank card, which is why i waited before jumping to conclusions. the point is: leaving me in the dark all month was not cool. anyone in my shoes would probably assume they were being ignored as well.

in the future, please keep me posted on this matter and try to reply as swiftly to your emails/DMs as you did to this post. thanks.

i hesitated on whether to post this, but after emailing and DMing @Rithmaster several times over the past few weeks, it has become clear that he has disappeared despite owing me $400 for a session we had shortly before my retirement.

first and last time i trust a client to pay by instalments. 🙄

if you need to pay by instalments you probably can't afford me in the first place but i was trying to be nice. ladies, don't be as stupid as i was.

please RT so others don't get burned.

@infrequently awww i appreciate that, thanks for the well-wishes!! ❤️

@aleph_null oh i'd almost forgotten about that!! you're so sweet to still want to gift it to me haha.. i'll keep my eyes peeled. 😍

and if there's a girl you've been putting off seeing, take this as a reminder to GO SEE HER, as you never know when someone you have your eye on is going to suddenly retire. ❤️

if you'd like to continue following my journey, i'll still be on Twitter @DarlingHadley



ANNOUNCEMENT: it's that time, folks. i've decided to hang up my hooker boots and retire, effective immediately.

i'm currently pursuing some big career and life changes that i'm really excited about, and find i don't have the emotional capacity to be a companion any longer.

if you've sent a deposit for an upcoming date, stay tuned for your refund. (1/2)

‪there’s truly nothing like spending a crazy amount for a Beverly Hills blowout and then promptly ruining it with hot dirty afternoon-wine-induced sex with your main FWB. truly. ‬

gather round and read my story, friends! 💖

really excited that Simply Sxy reached out and asked me to write a piece.


‪post-massage cocktails at my new favorite haunt. THAT JALAPEÑO. ❤️‬

‪it’s my last few days in but there’s still time to book me! here til the 18th. ‬


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