i hesitated on whether to post this, but after emailing and DMing @Rithmaster several times over the past few weeks, it has become clear that he has disappeared despite owing me $400 for a session we had shortly before my retirement.

first and last time i trust a client to pay by instalments. πŸ™„

if you need to pay by instalments you probably can't afford me in the first place but i was trying to be nice. ladies, don't be as stupid as i was.

please RT so others don't get burned.

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@hadleydarling I actually tried to respond to you email but it kept getting kicked back. i also had my phone shut off for almost 3 weeks and it got turned back on yesterday. i explained to you after my last installment that i was forcibly being moved and that i would get you your last 400 asap. i also had problems with my bank card which I told you about.
i will say it again, you will get your last 400 asap. my next check is 100% going to rent and then my check after that is 100% going to you.

@hadleydarling I had no access to this until yesterday because my phone was shut off. I have no wifi or internet at my new place just yet. it was not intentional to keep you in the dark by any means. I would never ever do that to anyone, especially someone as nice as to let me make installments like you did. I apologize for all of this. I will make it up to you somehow.

@hadleydarling absolutely. I feel horrible about all of this. dm me and let me know what I can do to make up for this please (other than what I already owe you)

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