ANNOUNCEMENT: it's that time, folks. i've decided to hang up my hooker boots and retire, effective immediately.

i'm currently pursuing some big career and life changes that i'm really excited about, and find i don't have the emotional capacity to be a companion any longer.

if you've sent a deposit for an upcoming date, stay tuned for your refund. (1/2)


Best of luck 🙏 on you new endeavors, you sweet soul 😉

@hadleydarling I’m going to miss you Darling. Switter has so many wonderful, nice folks I’d love to hang with. I’m sorry our paths only virtually crossed.

@hadleydarling Good for you, Hadley! I was really looking forward to meeting you as you seem like such an interesting, articulate and beautiful lady. Best of luck with your new pursuits!

@hadleydarling No problem! I am truly happy that you have opportunities that you are excited about. Go get it!

@hadleydarling bravo! I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you the next time I'm in TO (while nursing the huge loss in my dream list).

All the best to you, now and forever!

@hadleydarling from all of us that wanted to, but never had the chance to meet you. You will be missed. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.


Good luck in future endeavors Ms. Darling. I hope you are as well regarded in whatever field you pursue as you have been here, where you are greatly admired.

@hadleydarling Congratulations on your retirement, sweet friend! May your heart be light and your troubles few and far between ❤️

@hadleydarling Good luck sweetie! It was nice getting to know you. Our two meetings were very special. Have a great life! I wish you well!


Congrats on the big life changes! I will miss seeing you around here but I am glad to know you are leaving for positive reasons 🙂

@hadleydarling I’m sorry, totally missed this and was wondering what happened to you. I hope all is well and you’re pursuing something that makes you happy. Wish you nothing but the best in your new journey. 🤗💜🙏

@hadleydarling it’s not retirement, it’s transformation! Good luck and have fun!

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