Anyone have a good SJ Vice Attorney reference? PM me please.

SJ Vice is running stings at the Downtown San Jose Marriott.

Dont know if anyone posted this earlier, but Grand Central Hot Tubs, Saratoga & 280, closed it's doors today. Building owner canceled the rental contract. Bay area icon bites the dust.

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Good morning!

RT if you love stretch marks and bush 🥰

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@thatdarlingone_simone Can't answer that unless you come to San Jose for me to sample. 😜

@thatdarlingone_simone That is the eternal question, and why all commerce is governed by supply and demand. If you want to stand out with your services, you can charge a premium. But, if there is a lot of comparable competition, then you have to go along with the crowd or figure out a way to attract a higher class of guys. Just my view.

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@vipevagodiva @SexyHotFriend @islandgent_713 @V_CMT Thanks for the lively chat. Gotta hit the sack, going home from vacation tomorrow. Boo on back to work, but yeah to getting some familiar ladies. Sweet dreams, all.

@SexyHotFriend @islandgent_713 @V_CMT @vipevagodiva Possibly not, but it goes back to the earliest days of RB. When we were jumping geocities sites, hiding behind a 'folder name' password. Yea, been around the block for a few years.

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@vipevagodiva @SexyHotFriend @islandgent_713 @V_CMT Thanks. I have more than I can reasonably afford at the moment🤣 . My regulars are draining my wallet.

@SexyHotFriend @islandgent_713 @V_CMT @vipevagodiva sorry to jump in late, but I have to address this. I understand the need for ladies to screen. But, my 'real' info is off limits. I have references, am on P411, etc. I have too much to lose on a loose cannon like this girl. I have built a rep on multiple sites over time, and that should be enough. If it's not, then it's your loss. Most of the ladies, for vaild reasons, don't use real names. I respect that, and expect the same in return.

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It's hard being a dick
You hv an eye u cant see out of
A head u cant think with
Ur owner beats u all day
Ur closest neighbor is an asshole
Your best friend is a pussy

That's life as a dick

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