@cuddlesbysarah85 Guys, you have to be respectful of the ladies limits, and rates. If she's above your wallet, or doesn't offer what you want, move on. Otherwise, it's a rude power play to get her to be less that she is. It's ok to say 'I'm sorry, but that's more than I can afford' or 'That's what I am into, and I'll keep looking for someone that enjoys that'. And, wish them a good day or visit, and thank them for responding. And, ladies, just say no. Going silent after a question isn't good.

@madelinetease @cuddlesbysarah85 If they are listed, then respond that they are on your ad/website. sometimes we find you with incomplete information, and some of the ladies run specials.

call me a person who thinks an adult is supposed to read to find out information silly but hey...
we make ads and posts for a reason and if we post a special it would be specified...

but clients AWAYS DO THIS
whats your rates and loctation

I give them something different because i think its a test or something.

then they say oh well your post says THIS and im like EXACTLY. Why are you asking... " oh i got distracted from looking @ your pics"
but yet your eyes seen my #

@madelinetease 🤣 Yep, busted on that one! He was just looking for a special. Nothing wrong with messing with him after that. What a putz. Guys, the rate in the ad is THE RATE.
Any time I have negotiated less, I have had a less than stellar experience. It's not worth it! I just don't do it any more.

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