@V_CMT @vipevagodiva

The most salient point right here is that now dudes with bad intentions may use this as a justifiable reason not to give out info for screening.

In the end providers are harmed more by this.

@islandgent_713 @V_CMT @vipevagodiva

EXACTLY. Their reason for using a burner. For not giving real intell. For hiding behind a handle with supposed okays or references. Just UGH.

@SexyHotFriend @islandgent_713 @V_CMT @vipevagodiva sorry to jump in late, but I have to address this. I understand the need for ladies to screen. But, my 'real' info is off limits. I have references, am on P411, etc. I have too much to lose on a loose cannon like this girl. I have built a rep on multiple sites over time, and that should be enough. If it's not, then it's your loss. Most of the ladies, for vaild reasons, don't use real names. I respect that, and expect the same in return.


@vipevagodiva @SexyHotFriend @islandgent_713 @V_CMT Thanks. I have more than I can reasonably afford at the moment🤣 . My regulars are draining my wallet.

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