Going from Instagram to Mastodon feels like going from the big ticketed function to kick-ons. The decor isn't as fancy here and the house is a little bit weird, but everyone's pretty friendly and there's no bouncers being jerks

Hi all!
Still getting the hang of this new platform but wanted to give a little intro, so here it goes.. I am a sweet 24 y.o sex worker, based mainly in naarm (aka “Melbourne”) at a brothel called Manhattan Terrace in the CBD. I haven’t been able to work since March and am going to make a come back in the next couple weeks! ✨super exciting✨ once I get back into the work vibe I will be sharing lots of sexy pics so stay tuned 😜
🎉Happy Holidays 🎉
Xox Grace

Ignoring the many ways in which sex workers experience violence perpetuates the risk of further harm.

2020 has affected everyone in significant ways. With sex workers being some of the hardest hit, we need you to show up for us now more than ever.


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