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I hungout with some really awesome gents today. Makes for a perrrrfect friday i think. 😻 Now its time to cuddle up with my book and some dinn dinn 😜😀 🍷

I'll be available by appt Saturday and Sunday loves 😘🌹🌠

Text/email only

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Is it because switter is on mastadon that people feel you have less of a chance of being incriminated on there? I dont think switter ever promised that. The point was to not be shadowbanned or have your account deleted simply for engaging in SW. I dont feel like anywhere is truly *safe* but if anything, it takes much more digging to find all of SW Twitter where all it takes it making an account and simply browsing to catch someone here. Be safe and cautious regardless of the platform.

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I am renovating my home and accepting JYSK and IKEA gift cards. Thank you so much to the gent who sent me one, I got a new coffee table 😍😍 now check your inbox! 😉💋

So excited for new change! I blame Pinterest!

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Party at YOUR comfort level!

Couples & singles are welcome at all of our events! We do not discriminate & welcome all races & ages over 21!

There is a main room for mingling, the performances will be held here as well. (Decorated & set up for games)

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