(So unfair that in those ads the lady always only gets the chocolate. Not the hottie.)

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So here we are! The chocolates come in handy when I want to take a moment of victorious rest, and I have a warm cosy body to put my feet or head on.
After all the lady loves Milk Tray and an obedient slave.

Happy all!

Photographer: twitter.com/k_fraeulein - so good!

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Once under my spell, he behaved like the perfect puppy. He served me wine like he had been trained to do it for a long time, and worshipped my feet and shoes.

(I gracefully let you see my shoe size here.)
(Yes he has been trained for a long time.)

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I battered him with the only thing I had at hand and then subdued him with rope and my dominant female musk.
It can overwhelm any man!

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I woke with a start. I didn't know what on earth was happening.
But I captured the intruder after a brief struggle.

(Given that I am hopeless at wrestling, that was pretty good, wasn't it? 😉)

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There I was, lying down for a nap in my casual indoor attire.
Slumbering innocently.

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Do you know the Cadbury's Milk Tray ads?

Something like that happened to me actually!
Well, kinda kind of.


Finally I gave him a stern talking to about the true meaning of Christmas and I made him promise to bring many presents to all the kinksters all over the world.
But don't leave any butt plugs lying around unless you want Santa to have them!

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Then I had the idea that while he was tied up with such an invitingly red ass, I might as well have some fun!
My festively coloured strap on was soon ready and so was his ass.
While I pounded into him very deeply, I could see his resistance fading. He was putty in my hands.

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You can imagine that this was not something I was going to tolerate! Luckily I knew how to get him tied up quickly and started by releasing my anger.
First I candy-striped his buttocks and made sure he would know my handwriting.
Then I full on beat the naughtiness out of him!

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I came back into my hotel room and what do I see! A burglar greedily examining my things!
He noticed me at once and was very, very startled as I came closer.

I believe it is a dominatrix Christmas tradition to "decorate the tree" in the festive season.

I found it overdue and claimed for it.
He got sooo pretty!!

Unfortunately I can't show you footage of his glittering, blinking and gagged self, but imagine him priceless.

I wonder if Disney ever consented OR PAID for being used as exit link for porn sites.

(You maybe never clicked on the "no I am not 18+" button 😁)

Do you remember these?
I wanted to get rid of mine because I never used it. Tried it out for a last time and - that thing is not going to be discharged! Gave me the funniest feelings.... 😮

I like my playground in Munich - by "playground" I mean this eager man. A dungeon without an eager man is just a dungeon!

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