Finally I gave him a stern talking to about the true meaning of Christmas and I made him promise to bring many presents to all the kinksters all over the world.
But don't leave any butt plugs lying around unless you want Santa to have them!

Then I had the idea that while he was tied up with such an invitingly red ass, I might as well have some fun!
My festively coloured strap on was soon ready and so was his ass.
While I pounded into him very deeply, I could see his resistance fading. He was putty in my hands.

You can imagine that this was not something I was going to tolerate! Luckily I knew how to get him tied up quickly and started by releasing my anger.
First I candy-striped his buttocks and made sure he would know my handwriting.
Then I full on beat the naughtiness out of him!


I came back into my hotel room and what do I see! A burglar greedily examining my things!
He noticed me at once and was very, very startled as I came closer.

I believe it is a dominatrix Christmas tradition to "decorate the tree" in the festive season.

I found it overdue and claimed for it.
He got sooo pretty!!

Unfortunately I can't show you footage of his glittering, blinking and gagged self, but imagine him priceless.

I wonder if Disney ever consented OR PAID for being used as exit link for porn sites.

(You maybe never clicked on the "no I am not 18+" button 😁)

Do you remember these?
I wanted to get rid of mine because I never used it. Tried it out for a last time and - that thing is not going to be discharged! Gave me the funniest feelings.... 😮

I like my playground in Munich - by "playground" I mean this eager man. A dungeon without an eager man is just a dungeon!

Vet wraps arrived!

Once I know how many rolls are needed for an extensive session with them, I will see if I need to ask for a contribution to them...

Okay, who is gonna be first? 😄

I am not sure if people actually search for this hashtag, but since I really like to plan individual and more extensive getaways: will you! 😊

My slave is a hero and saved a cyclist's life after a traffic accident yesterday!
He told me they "packaged" the guy for transportation to hospital which needed explanation.

Learning so much from my slaves! 😀

Got my new ropes! They look classy, are finally of the right length of 10m (well, rope is always too short!), and were greeted with the highest praise even before their first wash. Really lovely things that will serve me well for a while now. By "Baumwollseil" in 😊

This man has so clear ideas, comes with all the accessories, and is then really laid back to "let me do".
He tweeted pictures from one of our sessions :

When a new meeting is coming up, likes to send me pictures of this super cute fox!

His name is Shadz, this picture can be found on the artist's profile page at, and he looks STRIKINGLY like BondageBoy once I am done with him!

When it gets dark, I want to bring you here, well gagged and with your head in a hood, tie you to one of these very securely fixed to the ground chairs, bare your genitals, hurt your nipples, shock you with cold water splashes and smother you with my breasts.


Look what this boy did for me! He isn't my full time property, but when he applies for our annual meeting, I may order him into chastity before and well after the session. And his VERY well secured cock is marked with my name. Obviously I created my own code for his key safe!

I didn't know what the big red shoe was for but I knew what to do with it 😄

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