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Hi Terrans! I'm Rosie Galaxy, a hypersexual from Space, and I'm kind of a nerd. Check out my vid and more at, or spoil me! {$foreverfriskyfox}

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Personal cam model motto: Do no harm, but take no shit.

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I'm a Sex Worker.
I make videos.
I cam.
I've considered FSSW, but only for other SWer's.
It is work, and should be viewed as such.
Today, Dec. 17th, it is being further driven into the shadows thank to SESTA/FOSTA.
This needs to change.

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Nerdy Trans female, 420 medical user, kinky, chubby, 40c-36-41. Up for as little as short hangouts over a meal or a coffee and a lot more. Current/former SWers ONLY. PDX only (for now).

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Hi, my name is Rosie Galaxy and I'm a hypersexual trans femme fatale human from the stars....and I'm kind of a nerd. I also make videos for sale at ; if you don't see anything you like, I can also make a custom clip. See you around the cosmos!

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Oh you can also check this gfm that is set up to help not only Myself, but other victims of a certain person's abuse.

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I had to get an appendectomy to remove my appendix yesterday. I’m not gonna be able to make content for at least 2 - 3 weeks. If y’all wanna help; boosting my tweets is super helpful. For those who wanna directly help with medical bills & costs; please send to my Cash App.

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Hit the heart if you think I taste like a strawberry. Retweet if you’d like to find out 😜

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This is Me celebrating simply by existing.

Because, duh. I'm the Black Fae King.

What's your biggest achievement so far? — Honestly, living through all that I have and being who I am after it all.

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Raise your hand if what you grew up to be doesn't fit the narrative of adulthood you were sold

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Hey hey.
Stare long enough and you just have to spoil you're princess.

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These are all so hot 🔥 don’t miss out and a chance to help out this babe 🥰

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I love seeing 40 year old trans women starting porn. Let’s destroy the idea that sex work ends at 27.

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PDX gents I have some spots still open! Don’t miss out waiting till the last minute

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Sure, it's been a minute since I've done such a thing

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I hope y’all enjoy fishnet Friday
I’ll be live at 12 pm pst 😵
Birthday month fun 🤩

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She so cool, getting head with her shades on 💯💯💯

Dropping early next week on @aphroditeadams MV, as well as my own. Shot by the illustrious @PennyPetalz

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