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I'd like to think I check all those boxes myself, but hey. It's been awhile since I've eaten pussy so I won't say I am the best.

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The gold standard has become:

1. Can you make me laugh?/Is making people laugh your job?
2. Can you finger/eat pussy well?
3. Do you seem like a genuinely decent human being?

...that's it. That's how you fuck hot sluts imo.

I think my order of focus is shifting when it comes to sites.

1. JFF
2. C4S
3. MV because I fuckin' guess so
4. IWC if I have time

Good morning, perverts.

Another day in this hellscape paradise. Hope it was a good one, mines just starting. 😊

They trimmed his belly & nails for free too. Grateful we found this place.

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Couldn't stop looking at dick or catastrophising Bailey's surgery.

Bounced between anxious and horny until finally I passed out then woke up to a call from the vet. Said fuck it after that.

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I'm so fucking tired.

Running on 2hrs of sleep and I need to stay up until at least 1 am. πŸ₯²

Gonna try to get some shit done tonight, but there's a good chance I'll just lay in bed with the dogs and watch Ginger Snaps.

It's been a fucking hell of a month already, kids.

New vet was the one who told me he needed them pulled ASAP or he could get seriously ill/die.

I clearly took that to heart. He's an asshole, but he's OUR asshole.

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New vet not only courteous and kind, but only charged us $1.4k to pull like 7 teeth + his prescriptions.

Yeah, I know where I'm throwing my money from now on.

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How it got this bad: our last vet did two things.

1. Tell me his teeth would fall out by themselves so not to worry (???)

2. Tell me if I did opt to pull them it'd be $1k PER TOOTH.

...we obviously don't go to that vet anymore.

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He's out and awake! We're going to grab the mop dog in 30 min or so. 😁😁 I miss his sassy little ass and I'm so excited to see if his attitude improves now he's not in constant pain.

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Just trying my best not to max out my credit cards. πŸ˜… I will if I have to though.

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Oh shit. It's still fuckin' expensive, but less than I thought for Bailey to become happier, healthier and toothless.

At this point, I just want his cranky ass back home. ☹️

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Old man dog is still at the vet. There were more issues we weren't aware of. Well over my estimated budget. 😬😭 He's worth every penny, but damn pupper.

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