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Add me on Snapchat if you'd like to see a very blurry eyed good morning from yours truly in about 5 hours.

WARNING: May also include random tiddies, weird rants, cute animal pics and sometimes my butt. Viewer beware.


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I miss LAN parties & staying up with people to play video games. ๐Ÿ™ƒ All current IRL friends either don't play what I do or don't play games at all.


I brought back my wishlist! The more you spoil me, the more I spoil back! Feel free to browse around & see if there's anything on there you'd like me to play with OR send suggestions for me to add to

Filming schedule for December themes...

Tonight: finish up red festive shit

1st - 7th: Krampus

8th - 14th: Mother Mary shenanigans.

15th - 21st: green festive shit/Santa's elf acts like an asshole

22nd - 28th: New Years shit because I'll probably burnt out on X-mas

One giant fuck yeah & thank you to for helping me get the Baby Jesus butt plug! I'll also be biting the bullet & ordering the mother Mary costume today as well.

SUPER EXCITED!! Let the filth begin.

Fuck, there's so many cool dildos on etsy I may just start offering that as a payment option like Amazon GC.

There's a saying Batman's grandma taught everyone: if it's free, it's me. Guess Mama Basket's got taught/taught me the same thing. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Krampus returns to my filming schedule next week.

I hope you like bad acting & having my asshole in your face!

Mama Baskets: Oh cookie walk, wonder what that's about. Says anyone can go.

Me: ...because it's at a church. Free cookies, next thing ya know you're worshiping a dead dude.

MB: I don't's *free* cookies, Fonda.

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Want an insight into how I turned out this way? Convo with my mama from yesterday while we were picking up pies:

Really wanna utilize the green screen with the giantess stuff, but...the angles are tricking as fuck to find proper backgrounds for. We'll see...I'm not optimistic.

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Filming lots of stuff tonight, but specifically...

- burping
- farting
- giantess
- POV sex stuff
- balloons

Getting kinda stoked. I missed filming this much...

I owe Spotify Discover Weekly a blow job for introducing me to Ween.

Shame on all of you for never suggesting them.

I had a nightmare I got doxxed on Reddit so that's super cool. I think I'm done napping for the day. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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