Got my first shot. A full year of isolation is almost over! 😜

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Independent, joyous and refined.
I can almost adjust to any atmosphere, gathering or encounter! I am extremely down to earth and will immediately put you at ease. My humor, whit, and inner beauty will excite you.

5'5 15olbs

Outcall Availability Only!
Upscale Hotel or Residence!


Please give me a polite introduction via email or text.

I will respond ASAP, I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Taylor ❤️

So my convention in Denver just got canceled. Sad not to revisit a lady friend or two there. <sigh>

Well, my biz trip to White Plains has been canceled.
So I won't be seeing any nice ladies there.....

The web admin for better get his/her shit together. That site is becoming almost unusable.

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Not only US reviews are back, but the US ad boards are back too!

Looks like the reviews for US ladies are back up and running on

Is it just me, or does everyone else see only broken images here?

I love being .
I also love being .
Either way is a blast 😝

Admission of idiocy: I just figured out what FMTY stands for.
I wouldn't even know how to UMTY (Uber Me To You). 😬

WOW. So the governor just signed a law making pretty much *anything* to do with escorting a *felony*, and (based in TX) is in flames.

So just as I start the process of finalizing my upcoming play-dates, 's provider listings are pulled.

After a few days, she sends me a text, asking why I did not proceed with a date.
After telling her why, her response was "Everything is negotiable!"
How firm are those "No-lists" really?
Also, as a hint, just as you ladies don't want to negotiate on price, I really don't want to have to negotiate on service.

I have a question for the ladies.
That site has a feature that I think is very handy: the No List.
BUT..... Traveling a year ago, I was researching potential play-dates. One lady really caught my eye, so I initiated some DM contact. She then pointed me to her PD page, where she listed something I really like as a No item. So I made other arrangements.
See next Toot.

90-120 minute outcall to my downtown hotel suite.

In 2nd week of September and looking for fun play-dates :)

Question: For those of you who take C*shApp, can that work for someone like me, who definitely will NOT be giving that platform a CC or bank info.
Can I send a P*ypal xfer to C*shApp?

As the father of a girl now in college, can I simply request we stop this whole "Daddy" talk nonsense.
It's down right creepy. 😬

Huh. New message on . Now us "Admirers" (new term) with more than 5 OK's can invite a non-member provider (whom we have met) to join.

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