Looking for advice on touring from other ladies or even clients! This last tour of mine wasn't as successful as I hoped, so I'm wondering where y'all get the most return on your advertising. Which websites do you use for LA, Vegas, Chicago, New York, the south, the midwest, Europe, etc? I don't know the best places to do listings post-FOSTA. Help a girl out!

Touring advice from clients and other ladies? Which sites do you use for Cali, Vegas, New York, the South, Europe, etc? I want to do better when I do a tour again in the future, but since I don't know what sites are best in what states and countries. Thanks in advance! ❤😘


I'm on tour this week! Please schedule through my website for playtime: experiencejordyn.com

I'm Jordyn: your new , .

Location: Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach)

Available for

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: 801-930-0647

@expjordyn @Drk_Knight81 stay down. It'll get better. I honestly acquire my clients the old fashioned way. The internet is great but the market is iffy there right now. The only thing I can truly depend on is my own two feet.

I'm planning a trip your way June 26-30. Haven't toured in awhile so I want to gauge interest in bookings! Let me know by text or dm.

Website: experiencejordyn.com
Contact (please visit site first): 801-930-0647

Ask if you're interest in seeing . for members available!


Ladies, talk to me about business post-FOSTA. Tbh I'm having a rough go. What platforms are the best? Is touring the way to go now? (I'm in Utah and sadly the clientele is hard to reach and can't afford what I know I'm worth) send advice please!

Showing my roommate switter for the first time. Asked the genius question: "A toot? Why not call it a queef?" 😂

I have this fun thing called . Follow me @expjordyn 😉 ask to join my !

P.S. my cat is cuter than yours

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Look no further for the dating experience you've been longing for. I'm Jordyn: your new , .

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Contact: Website preferred, 801-930-0647

Available for

Location: Salt Lake, Utah
Contact: www.experiencejordyn.com


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