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This is one of the things I want almost everyday
💞💞💦 :boob_planet: :boob_planet:

Everytime I get horny in shower.
Time when I feel stressed, my moons are my savior.

Ah, ha, yup I love boobs, I have fetish. Such a venusian pleasure. Pure heart chakra amplifier. Adorable amore 🥰

If you catch me staring at you with my horny eyes you must want to read the book. :chocolate_strawberry:

If I tell you to open the book, this is exactly you have to do.

Reclamation of the feminine power.

Come, drink my water down here 💦
I'm one receptive vessel.


What's sexy?
Skin or see through mesh?

What's sexier?
No wall between us or a transparent bar?

What's sexiest?
When you stare into my eyes or when you fantasize me naked?

I'm wet down here waiting, warming up.
Come, watch me from far.
Cum on me. Resist your urge to touch me, cum from far.

You can see yourself in me & I look into the mirror too.

Wet down here. :lingerie: :flickin_bean:

I know who I am, I'm a maiden with head-full of lust. I'm your holy whore.



The Sway of the Full Moons

( • ) ( • ) 👅💦

Tonight is full moon in Aries and I'm dedicating to my owns 😜😉


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