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@ellechemy FALL4FEET is a fabulous groin-aching session with a great twisty mindfuck. It took over & dominated my fantasy life for a month. One of the Greats🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

If this image inspires you to drop down to your knees just to be closer to My toes, you might have a
Slide into this hypnotic fantasy of submission and surrender:

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The best thing about having an Ellechemy addiction is getting to obsess over all of My private, hypnotic, sexy posts on .

My unique files have been known to induce and deny all manner of pleasures.
Treat yourself to a mind blowing adventure.

I'm not just Online, I'm *part* of the WEB. Get caught up in worship and fall into My alluring traps.

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Hypno Fetish content is censored or just not permissible on many top clip sites and payment processors. This can create uneccessry hassle when trying to commission a custom file.
Direct inquiries to Me confidentially here:

Hello Switter! I'm looking forward to connecting with friends and fans.


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