It's My Birthday in 1 week. ♡♡♡♡♡

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I actually recorded this session sitting in My soft top Porsche because the accoustics were just so lovely.

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I was SO spoiled this weekend. Treated to some very fine dining, showered with Swarovski and My every whim was catered to with delight and reverence.

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Switter just passed fifty thousand members.

50,000 members. In just over three weeks.

Subscribers to My website and IWFC will be getting FIRST LOOK at NEW areas of ELLECHEMISTRY before anyone else!

@allforElle ~ Thank you. I will be adding new pages and revising the SYLLABUS next.

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@ellechemy my Goddess, Thank You! slave spending a blissful lifetime this morning as Your LUCID TOY. 🙏🏻💘🌀⚪️

NEW launch of ELLECHEMISTRY ~ Enjoy and have a great *weakened*

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