I actually recorded this session sitting in My soft top Porsche because the accoustics were just so lovely.

If this image inspires you to drop down to your knees just to be closer to My toes, you might have a
Slide into this hypnotic fantasy of submission and surrender:

The best thing about having an Ellechemy addiction is getting to obsess over all of My private, hypnotic, sexy posts on .
iwantfanclub.com/timeline/elle switter.at/media/9uE9_2HWdPaI1

My unique files have been known to induce and deny all manner of pleasures.
Treat yourself to a mind blowing adventure. ellechemy.kinkbomb.com switter.at/media/2U0W2tdAtZ0E-

I'm not just Online, I'm *part* of the WEB. Get caught up in worship and fall into My alluring traps.

Clip Stores:
Wish List: goo.gl/GhrXzR
Tribute: www.kinkbomb.com/studio/ellechemy/tributes
Fan Club: iwantfanclub.com/timeline/ellechemy
Phone: vrfd.co/frilluxe switter.at/media/q55tci6AERxie


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