When making a listing PLEASE MAKE SURE:
- you use the hashtag
- you list your location
- you list your contact info

Here is an example:
Taking incalls today! And I’m with the delightful @ellethorn for doubles 😉 Book in now!

Location: Canberra, Australia
Contact: 0404864006


@switter @ellethorn is there an easy way for us hobbyist to get to the listing page. It would help us hobbyist fine providers in your area in return more dates for them. Win win for both of us.

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@Bettiebrickhouse @switter @ellethorn
Thanks for the list link just sucks that it does not have link in the main site. It would make it easier for us guys to find you women. After all some guys are lazy. LOLO

@eemwbh @switter @ellethorn
I feel like Switter is not for lazy men. Almost everyone mentions needing some type of screening, which takes work. 😂

@Bettiebrickhouse @switter @ellethorn that is true with the BP going down it made it hard on both the guys and woman. Even more so for you woman. I know I have seen guy post that it's time to start asking for more from provides for a smaller donation.

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