Our old blog entry: ecechicago.com/blog/post/genoc
about the big "genocide" of Native Americans to all fuc*tards tranding
You know - numbers don't bite and logic doesn't hurt.

Still don't see connection between closing a restaurant in California and saving lives of older people in a nursing home in New York

Have you noticed how Hollywood portraits free people in a sci fi/dystopian movies?
Dirty savages? Yes we will be dirty since we won't be able to shop
Yes, we will be hungry since we won't be able to eat
Without masks and vaccination certificates
But sure we won't be savage

Not all jobs are lost - on the contrary.
Went running today into the mountains. Got chased by “mask enforcer” - seriously
Chubby fucker paid by city of LA – our taxes of course
We should employ thousands of them for example Yosemite, that would prop the economy!

So, if YOUR health is my responsibility nowadays, I want to know: what you eat, how many hours you sleep, your body fat. Do you smoke, do you drink, do you do drugs (that one gonna be toughy)
if you don't want to provide that info – FUCK OFF

To celebrate our freedom that we can not celebrate we will tweet instead. Stay tuned

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