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Plz stop boosting obviously fake/spam accounts.

Not online here as much as in the past (work in the time of a pandemic is insane) but the plethora of spam accounts and folks boosting them drives me nuts.

Just takes a second to read through the spam accounts to figure it out. They usually start with "bookings" and promote unsafe services (to name a few of the obvious things).

Take good care, y'all. ♥️

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I've mentioned this before but always worth a repost: if you're not using VPN, I recommend doing so. I use NordVPN and it's well worth the small monthly cost.

I also vastly prefer to communicate via protonmail (unless I know ya).

Security, discretion, and privacy: very sexy things. ♥️

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PSA: if you're a client and lurking on switter but haven't booked a date with a lovely provider, I suggest the following:

Buy a gift or compensate them for time spent boosting/chatting.

Show up and book a date.

Show up and show support.

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Respectful communication.



Sarcastic and/or geeky sense of humor.


Expressive eyes and the moment someone smiles unexpectedly in bed.

Embracing the moment and then coming back down to Earth.

Connecting without a script.

These are a few of my favorite sexy things. 😉

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Things that make me happy:

Music turned up too loud. Black coffee. A cold IPA. Fog. The Pacific Ocean. Eye contact. Reading and being read to. Flirting. Sleeping in late. The open road. Sarcasm. Wit. Smiles from strangers. Troublemaking.

And community. Thanks to all the awesome people on here who brighten my day without knowing it.


ProtonVPN ( ) is great, and so is Cryptostorm ( )

They both work with open-source OpenVPN apps on Android or any other OS.

Another great privacy app I can strongly recommend is InviZible (for Android), which is only $5 USD and comes with built-in DNSCRYPT/DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) settings, TOR and I2P connection options.


Haven't been much around either... life keeps me busy offline! good to be back 💗!

Trust you're well, my friend 😇!


Good morning darling. Glad to hear you’re doing well. Yes, do stay safe up there. Miss you lots too. So many good people have disappeared on here 😘😘😘🥰😍💝💕

@easymorning 😘💋 my fav leople haven’t been around like you, angel , louise etc —- makes it hard to wanna be here 😢


That;s priceless 🤣 🤣 😂 😂 ❤️

Thanks for the update!

2020...It's s doozy!

Totally eye opening!!!!

Have a fantastic week!

Love, 💚


Hello! Are these still the current parameters......

Or have they changed??!!!🤣 💚

Inquiring minds like to know....



No doubt, right?

😛 💚 😉 💚 🤣💚 😘 💚 🤗



@easymorning we spoke too soon. Need a 2020 version - or don’t jinx it....

(Toot resurfaced after boosting by DianneRN)

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Nude Muse 4 U

I have a few new videos, one was posted today, free with subscription ❤️


Creating for gentlemen mainly ❤️, but not only. 😊!

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