Hey y'all, if you follow me here, go follow me at @DylanTheThomas!

I started my own instance to work on building a community that's kink, queer, poc, and nonmonogamy friendly!

Hey friends, I moved over to @DylanTheThomas so hit me up over there.

I am doing ~interesting things~.

mastodon is a fascinating social experiment showing that when our online communication is unfettered by algorithms enforcing corporate incentives and when given the tools to better organize and moderate our communities, we inevitably gravitate towards horny on main

Adult themes, pro wrestling 

God, I love when wrestling gets dumb. #ALLIN #JoeyRyan

So I've been thinking about starting my own Mastodon instance, not because Switter isn't great (holy f it is) but because I feel like if I'm going to attempt to drive a significant number of sex positive / swinger ) polyamorous / kinky folk to an instance,

It shouldn't be on Switter's dime and shouldn't shit up the clearly focused on SW local timeline.

Then again I've heard running a Mastodon instance is like running an email server and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that.

I'm not sure what to do yet.

So... I grabbed some stuff from GetTheButters.com including what might be the finest shaving oil (or shaving anything) I've ever used.

I've shaved my face and my junk using this both as shaving oil and as aftercare and holy hell... My stuff feels great and smells great across the board.

I literally can't stop touching myself. I feel so damn smooth.


I spent an hour last night trying to find a friendly place to take a sexy friend for a few hours with a hot tub...

It still seems nearly impossible to find one.


Hello burner friends!

I can't make it home this year, but if you take any photos or videos and are willing to share them with me, OR want to drop me links to photo or video sets that mean something to you ..

I would love it very much.

Thank you


Currently on my September weekend docket:

watch party! (Hosting)
Board gaming open house weekend! (Hosting)
Play Party!
Trip to Kalamazoo to hit up the Oasis hot tub suites!
Naked board gaming party (w/option for sexiness later on)! (Hosting)

I haven't invited most friends and sexy folk yet... But that's happening at the end of the weekend. I'm hoping to invite some people I haven't spent a lot of time around again, including a few local fans of the pod.

I'm pretty excited.

Ok, I didn't know was a thing but now that I do, I'm not sure I'm going to bother tweeting about wrestling on Twitter.


An inverted superplex into a reverse falcon's arrow?! CRIPES THAT LOOKED GREAT

Finally a new place to complain about wrestling.

Gah that's the second time this match Seth Rollins has hit the floor in a really nasty way. He's so good at taking floor spots...

Kind of like how Sasha looks like she gets broken in half every time she executes on or outside the ropes.

I was over Dean Ambrose when he got hurt (and I was at the ppv where he ruptured his bicep).

This mean yet 'unstable' Dean Ambrose... This is hitting a real sweet spot for me I didn't know I had. I'm really enjoying this.

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