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my is I'm in beautiful specifically and just want to see who's in town or on . Usually lurk until I meet you in person, and otherwise only will toot if I have something helpful to contribute or there's something major going on. Always happy to be helpful.

I may not be active as a client right now (so not on here much anymore) but I still want to help the community and plan on participating in the march on June 2nd. Other marches are happening all over the country, so if you aren't near LA there may be one near you:

I just emailed my to @switter on the updated code of conduct.

My request is simple on paper: use OAuth to set up a separate site for reviews that requires a "review code" from a provider. Don't have a code? Can't review that provider (makes it easier for providers to prevent reviews if they don't want them).

The same system could also be used for providers to OK clients to help with screening.

Make sure to provide AssemblyFour with your feedback too!

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Hey Swithearts! We're going to be updating our Code of Conduct soon but wanted your feedback before we do.

Our main focus is changing the rules around Reviews, Listings and Interacting as a Company on Switter.

Please have a read and send your feedback to

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Hey everyone, you can stop reporting @feds and @paulywalnuts — whilst their accounts still appear in the app, we have indeed suspended them from the service (we did so shortly after the first report, we've since received 30 reports about it)

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I feel like there needs to be a concerted push to move all internet infrastructure into the control of the hands of the United Nations — currently the US controls too much.

Organisations such as IANA and ICANN are based in the US, which means they could see pressure to force domain registrars to comply with US laws. This is greatly worrying.

I don't have the political chops to push for this, but I'd happily sign any campaign.

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Hey, we're taking the forums down for the time being so we can focus on Switter. It'll be back in the future

announced that they will not be accepting any new members (providers or clients) regardless of location:

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Twitter post 

RT Reminder: Sex workers don't have human rights in America.

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Regarding our recent outage. You can find an official statement below. The last documented time Cloudflare terminated services was when they terminated the account of a white supremacist website last year. We are waiting on answers.

AssemblyFour confirms that gave them the boot! This is big news and has implications for the larger sex worker community. Many other sites like and use cloudflare still! Make sure you let any site you use know about this so they can prepare!

@j Thanks for all your hard work lately. I'm hoping you'd be able to confirm my suspicion as to what may have been part of the cause of the issue, as it has huge implications for other sites as well:

Would a certain very popular CDN have been involved in the outage?

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Okay, Switter and Listings should be back now. Apologies for that!

Remember, follow for status updates when Switter is having issues.

Outages like these are why it's important to be on as many sites as possible. The more sites you are on, the less it hurts if one goes away. I saw many people saying they were going to close their twitter. Where did @AssemblyFour announce the network issue? Twitter.

@switter @j @e thanks for working hard onthis! Will we find out who CDN77 is and how they were chosen?

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Secondly, reviews were a thing that some providers and clients have wanted and it's been discussed on Switter and some people want to use hashtags for this which we don't endorse this. We understand the problems behind them and we don't think we can handle the legal liability that comes with reviews, especially given our size as Assembly Four is just me, @lolahunt and @e.


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Note: they removed the daily update blurb from listings.

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