there's a #FuckingCensorshipBundle on itch going on rn as part of fundraising efforts to help sex workers! the details can be found here:

Scientists found the Greta Thunberg’s rainfrog in Panama during an expedition to Mount Chucantí, according to research in the journal ZooKeys.


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hi all, thank you for all the donations the other day but sadly i wasn't able to reach the needed amount. i still need another 150 to keep me through to the end of the month.

before Christmas there were some problems with pay. bonuses were rescinded at the last minute and my mum, for whom i care as she has fibromyalgia, was declined her benefits. anything helps as i'm down to less than five pounds for the month. :blobcatheart:

global warming, insects 

I’m seeing butterflies everywhere here in central Texas and I’m just hurt. I know it’s about to get bad cold, killing them and likely all their freshly laid eggs, along with the remaining flowers.

They should be in their cocoons, hibernating, but global warming is messing up their cycle.

We are losing our insects right from under our noses and we don’t talk about it enough with global warming. I fear all that will be left eventually are crickets, spiders, and mosquitoes.

How are we all? Everyone nursing a hangover? Happy to be in 2022?

frodo: I cannot read it
gandalf: there are few who can. the language is that of New Jersey, which I will not utter here

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