I’ve been on a bit of an extended break, but haven’t forgotten about y’all in my inbox!

I’ll be responding to emails soon, especially for customs and appointment requests. Thanks for your patience ✨

Is your ManyVids or OnlyFans ready yet ? I’ve been waiting for it β€” Nope, not yet... I’m aware I’ve been edging you all! I’m working slow and steady to compile a lot of content, so there isn’t as much pressure to make new stuff wh… curiouscat.qa/devorahreine/pos

There’s one practitioner at the clinic I go to for Covid testing that swabs so deep and twists so hard, that my eyes literally tear. She doesn’t fuck around...I was in full sissy mode today πŸ˜­πŸ˜…

Finally learning how to fade my own hair! It’s so much easier to do on other people. Maybe I’ll just get two tri-fold mirrors so I have a 360 view πŸ˜…πŸ’ˆ

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good online ASL course? Will consider apps and programs too, but I tend to do better with live teachers.

β€œI see masses of people talking about moving- after lifetimes or years- from the West Coast, because they cannot survive a smoke season that now lasts months every late summer and fall.β€œ


Of course my friend and I found the naked gay beach 30 minutes before we had to head out 😭 We ripped our clothes off and ran into the ocean screaming to make the most of it though πŸ˜…

Wait, what gender were you assigned at birth? I’m so confused now. β€” I was assigned female at birth. I love when people can’t tell 😈 curiouscat.qa/devorahreine/pos

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