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And since he’s cost me £450 tonight, he can bloody well open an AVN account and start posing when he’s better! I’m sure some lady cats will enjoy it! Thank god for pet insurance! 😂

Due to a late night trip to the vet, I won’t be on cam tomorrow. Puss is fine. Slight infection from his fight so antibiotics for a few days.

Currently at emergency vets with puss. He’s not right at all. X

While you're down there on your knees, worshipping, licking, kissing the smooth soles of my feet, my big, beautif...

Miss Deviant has finished taking calls on . Now is the time to check out her addictive goodies.

Sad news about . He did well though. 13 years is very good for a rescue dog.

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And as we reached the end of that call:

"Miss, I'm sorry, my credits are about to fun out, thank you for...

Me: Look, just f*ck off you fat c*nt.

He loves it when I say goodbye to him this way! 😂

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Currently ignoring fat useless c*nt while I watch Commando and he oinks down the phone. Rinsing has never been so much fun! 🤣🤣

If only you could be underneath me, while my huge tits swing around above your face. But here you are, worshippin...

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General consensus among my other cat buddies is that he's traumatized. Will see how he is tomorrow and ring the vets if he's no better.

So cat lovers out there. My boy got into a fight today. He was okay afterwards, had a few treats. But this evening, he seems very, very depressed and not interested in even tuna. He's not showing signs of physical injury. Is it possible he's traumatized from it?

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