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Someone just left me positive feedback for our DirectIM session at .com. Like reading reviews before you buy - check these out!

Miss Deviant has finished taking calls on . Now is the time to check out her addictive goodies.

I think the temperature has dropped. Good job I'm having a curry for tea. Let's hope it's not as hot as the last one hubby made!

What are you waiting for, worm? Do you think I'm going to roll out the red carpet for you? It's Sunday - the day of worship. So get to your knees & get worshipping!

Now watching Oliver! What a pity Mark Lester went from child star to media whore...

Many do, especially when they're worshipping them...

RT Love Your beautiful boots



One of my Fans is enjoying my Content! You should, too! $2 Introduction to mental slavery . Get addicted


I have just uploaded a new clip to my .com Movie Library, check it out! SURRENDER TO MISS DEVIANT

Why have I never seen Death Becomes Her before? This film is awesome!

Check out the new picture I have just uploaded to my .com Gallery!

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