Here’s some information. Most people I play with are well aware of this but it bears noting:

- no means no.
- no does not mean ask again in 5 minutes
- no does not mean ask 5 more times.
- no does not mean maybe if I beg her she’ll change her mind.
- no does not mean maybe.
- no does not mean ask why the person doesn’t want to do the thing and then try to convince them their reasoning is wrong.
- no does not mean try furtively to do the thing someone said no to anyways.

@delphine Wow!! You really have to emphasize that huh? Some people just don’t understand civility and respect.

@TomThumb812 99% of the time I don't! This message is for those rare 1% of times/people/

@delphine I'm occasionally active in my local kink/poly scene and have attended a few sex parties. One party host has a LONG set of rules. Among the consent rules are: "If you ask and someone says no, that means don't ask again tonight. If someone says maybe, then that also means not tonight until they say otherwise."

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