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I am available now in Irvine, California, United States! To contact me, visit

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Ladies, there are lots of reasons I may contact you and screen for a visit. However, there are at least four reasons I may choose not see you.

1. Pictures
You may not have any pics posted so that I can have a preliminary idea what you look like. Or, you may have pics, but your appearance does not match up with what I’m looking for. This is no slight on you, but the truth is, I have some preferences in mind and you being outside those parameters will cause me to move on.


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4. Proximity
This is pretty basic but the geographic diversity on Switter can make it easy to forget. For us to get together, we need to be in the same city at the same time. We either both live in the DFW area, or one of us is traveling.

I am not going to fly you to me but I may connect with you if you are here in Dallas or I happen to be on business in your locale. We can chat across multiple time zones but there are just some things you can’t do unless you are up close and personal


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shout out to my new switter friend, he was & with ... *game of thrones voice* "a girl had fun!!" 😂😂
my sheets got from but I'm not mad at ALL 😃😃
... you're fun...😁🤓😆


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