when you come with "baggage" but it's just your gut lõl... but forreal as I was grabbing my stomach, I could feel my tummy releasing out a tiny, pathetic gurgle, but I guess it was just going to whine quietly instead of it's usual cavernous roars...what do you think my squishy belly sounds like when you press your ear up against me like I'm something breathtaking you just discovered ??🐚🐚🐚 🤤
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2. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. USE IT. There's a common myth that L.E has to say the whole schiepiel before they can put things in evidence. False. The moment L.E stops you, the moment you answer their questions outside of your name, you are now open to prosecution.

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If L.E smells/sees something that is "probable cause", they can now search your space or arrest you without a warrant. Obviously, they can also barge in and make up stuff later (not unheard of), but it is important to take steps where you can.

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Checking for^ is really important. Just because they give you a piece of paper doesn't mean it's an actual warrant. L.E often relies on citizen's awe/fear to manipulate entering spaces where they shouldn't be. If you cannot read English, you have the right to ask for a translator

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every once in a while people suggest the best thing to do is get rid of female coded words and just go with male coded words.

"lets get rid of actress, and everyone can an actor."

why dont we get rid of actor and everyone can be an actress? oh because that makes a lot of people uncomfortable? funny that.

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in 1989 blink 182 sang a song called 'work sucks, i know' and that was so prescient

ever notice how skinny ppl only ever hang out with other skinny ppl lmao


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