I'm considering dropping Texas from my schedule altogether as unfortunately, I've had some unreputable and potentially dangerous clients try to book with me (one even slipped through the cracks, so Austin ladies, contact for info). If anyone in Austin or Dallas is interested, do email me asap

@CherryPoppinLady I didn't really have a problem when I went before, but this time, the process has been bizarre. I might keep Dallas on the roster, but I'm not sure I feel too good about Austin

@datekate I'm told that Austin is good for kink, but in all honesty, the whole state isn't too high on my list of places to see 😁

@phoenixx @datekate

WoW...That’s disappointing to hear.

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus most of this summer, and just as I’m starting to make plans to play again. 😢

I’ve heard horror stories about ATx and the H, but I always heard DFW was a relatively good place to play. 🤷🏾‍♂️

I constantly hear that Texas is bad from touring providers

Dallas got a BBFS crisis

Houston is saturated

Austin is slow


@islandgent_713 @datekate

Yeah I’ve heard the stories about DFW, and the ATx, but Htown...saturated? 🤔

DFW metroplex has a smaller overall population than the H, but more total providers, at least that advertise.

The knock on clients in Houston is that we’re “budget conscious” here.

@phoenixx @islandgent_713 @datekate wow. I was just thinking of going to Austin to maybe tour. :(

Any recommendations of places for touring?

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