What if we treated our most intimate relationships with the same care that we offer a one-time encounter? What if we always created a conscious space to explore our primal desires, rather than just getting those desires done and moving on with our day? What if we made it a point to satisfy our partner 110% every time, and found ourselves just as satisfied as well? Don't you think our existence and the existences of everyone around us would take on new meaning?

@datekate yes. Let's have sacred devotion to pleasure all ways and on all levels!❤

@datekate what a great musing! I wonder why we don’t. Upon first read I thought you were saying things the other way around but I find this to be more interesting. Something interesting to ponder...

@datekate I love what you wrote here Kate. I’m just 7 months into being a client. I strive for intimacy in my brief encounters and it is what makes the time so wonderful (being older it’s less about my performance and more about connection, sharing, and making the time as much fun for my companion as I can.) In turn in those 7 months I have been intentionally investing a similar effort into my family and it has made a difference. I’m still figuring it out - thanks for writing that

@Dreamer54 I'm so glad to hear this! There is always room to improve, but improvement starts with intention ❤️

@datekate ....and it continues with reflection and action!

@Godsavethepink I tend to feel as though intention sparks willingness. Intention is more rooted in the desire to make changes, whereas willingness tackles the actions necessary to make it happen

@datekate @Godsavethepink This is a great thread on what underlies our actions and how we (speaking from the client perspective) can/may/should approach each other. The connotation of “willingness” for me is openness to what will come and bringing positive energy to an encounter. “Intentional” connotes that I am committed to doing something positive (in this case to be intimate and treat my partner with love, respect, and gentleness). I like both and there are more feelings we bring

@Dreamer54 @Godsavethepink I like this! Intention + willingness = greater chances of your actions being successful

@Godsavethepink At this point, I really don't see where you're going with this...

@Godsavethepink No, you're rambling incoherently. You always do this when you contact me. It's concerning.

@Godsavethepink @datekate ...or maybe I’m intentional and you are willing...and together we make beautiful music.
Now I have two deeper questions and you don’t have to answer them if they are too personal or prying (I’ll answer later)

Do either of you feel intimacy with some of your clients, an experience that is not just the physical release? Have you ever felt like a tiny piece of your heart left when that client went out the door (you really like them and or are attracted to them.

@Dreamer54 I do feel intimacy with clients, and it's the type of intimacy that I wouldn't trade for the world, but I wouldn't say that a tiny piece of my heart has ever left with the client. I can be totally attracted to their mind and body, but there is always the mental block that comes with it. The exciting part of this type of intimacy for me is that it burns hot and fast, but doesn't burn out like it would over the course of a long time

@Godsavethepink @datekate my answer:
For me it has happened once, where I have feelings for a lovely companion that I met last fall. She’s a spark in my heart and I’m not sure what to do about it other than cherish the memory.🥰

@Dreamer54 That's the most wonderful thing you can do! These memories are meant to be cherished

@Godsavethepink No, I do not mean clients in that context. I am referring to the phenomenon that occurs when we act more passionately toward someone we've just met, as opposed to someone we've been with for a while. I'm talking about taking that phenomenon and making the conscious effort to apply it into personal relationships

@Godsavethepink I'm not judging anyone. I don't see why you get that idea


I can validate this with hindsight.

My young self, seeking bondage, fortuitously, discovered a far better definition for love than my programming had provided, changing my life forever.

I created a beautiful polycule of healthy, happy, long term relationships based in love, pruned with respect and nourished with integrity.

My Primary Tier Polycule Anniversary Celebrations in 2019 include:

one 3-year
one 6-year
four 10-year
one 11-year
two 15-year
one 16 year
one 19-year

@DanielleSquirts Thank you for sharing your story! I am poly as well and have found inner peace and inner freedom for myself through it, while also being able to explore love in it's many forms. It has really expanded my definition of human sexuality and romantic attraction ❤️


I had intended to reach out about connecting in Texas, but i won't be here.

Stalking your feed i discovered we have quite a few things in, mentoring, calling out sketch, unsolicited excellent advice, penchant for silver foxes, sex puns, getting tested, making gynos uncomfortable...heh.

It seems NYC at the end of September may be an option?

I have a weakness for ginger spice, plus i am super curious where you put those generous pom pom's while doing acrobatics?

@DanielleSquirts I think we we would get on wonderfully together! NYC at the end of September would be great-- do you know when you'll be there?

@datekate Apologies. i am attending and event this weekend in celebration of one of those 10 year anniversaries and in addition to all the positive distraction i am also dealing the a civil and legal violation of my rights....but my tour dates are already published so you may have already answered your own question...either way, the answer is Sep 25 - Oct 1

@DanielleSquirts Oh my goodness, I hope all works out for you. That sounds so awful 😟 I hope you enjoy the event. 10 years is such a long time. You deserve to celebrate and enjoy it! Ah yes I did see your tour dates after. I am looking at being in NYC the end of Sept, so it may just coincide 😃

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